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Generic fully restful node API for quickly saving and fetching data objects. Does CRD-y things. JSON-API Compliant. Mongo integrated. Node-cache for cache. Express.

Ideal for quick and simple logging and fetching.

How to Install

npm init
npm install sto
sto setup

Note: sto setup will build a config.json file which you can edit directly.
More details on what you can do with it are provided in example.config.json.

To run in perpetuity

sto &

How to Use:

Insert data

//cURL request here

Fetch last input

//cURL request here

Fetch last 5 inputs

//cURL request here

Fetch page 2 of inputs split by 5

//cURL request here

Fetch by hash (unique to data)

//cURL request here

Delete by hash

//cURL request here

Delete by owner

//cURL request here

Things to do (please help!):

Write docs
Build standardized clients

More Requests

  • Count
  • Sort by First

Standard Clients

  • NodeJS
  • Python
  • Lua
  • PHP
  • Java
  • etc.

More Tests

  • Test for multiple data entries
  • Test Delete
  • Test pagination
  • Test for improperly formatted data
  • Test for proper headers

Planned Integrations

  • Log4JS Errors to err.log
  • greenlock-express automated SSL certification with letsencrypt
  • AWS Lambda callbacks
  • Mosca for MQTT
  • Redis for extended cache
  • Sequelize for relational dbs (PostGres, MySQl, etc.)
  • express-ws for sockets
  • Travis CI / Automated Build Checks



Copyright 2017 z3dtech

If you take my code and modify it without giving me credit, I will hunt you down, read through your code, adopt changes I like, and thank you for your efforts. You've been warned.