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compile a directory of js templates into a single script, based on jammit's template compiler


A simple template compiler, based on Jammit and designed for node. Use it to take a directory of template files and stitch them together into a single script that can be loaded in the browser.

The api may change to include a .pipe interface, as well as a way to also load the templates into your node environment. Maybe a commandline interface? Who knows, it's version 0.0.1.

npm install stitchit
var stitchit = require('stitchit');
// the following are optional, except path  
var options = {
  path: '/some/path/to/templates',
  namespace: 'window.JST',
  compiler: '_.template',
  extension: 'jst'
// if you are fine with all the defaults, just pass in the path as a string 
options = '/some/path/to/templates';
// stitchit creates a string you can serve directly to the browser, or write to a file, etc 
// alternatively, if you'd like everything done syncronously, don't pass a callback 
var templates = stitchit(options);