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Stitch-up is a CommonJS packaging tool adding package.json support to Stitch.

Stitch converts a CommonJS module into a single JS file that can be included in the browser or, in the case of titanium-backbone, in a Titanium project. The purpose of stitch-up is to allow the paths, dependencies, and output location for the Stitch packager to be specified in package.json both within the primary project and within any dependent modules.

Unlike Stitch, stitch-up also provides a way of copying files as-is from node modules into a customizable (via package.json) location in the primary project. This serves as a simple asset pipeline for including files such as jquery.js that would make a stitched file too big or need to be included separately for any other reason. This also allows copying of images and can eventually be extended to include stylesheets or other files.

See the package.json for titanium-backbone for an example.

Current status

This project is still in early stages, but it works.