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still alive

Confirm a process is still alive, and if it isn't, send an email about it.

Only works with mandrill so the config needs to be

  "key": "server key",
  "api": "mandrill api key"

npm install -g stillalive

stillalive ./path/to/config port

port is optional, defaults to process.env.PORT followed by 3000.


send a put to host/still/alive/:id where id is your app specific timeout's name

the body of your request should be json with

  "key": "server key (set in your config file)",
  "email": {
    "from_email": "you@domain.tld",
    "to": [
        "type": "to",
        "email": "name@domain.tld",
        "name": "Their Name"
    "subject": "subject line",
    "text": "text body of email"
  "interval": {
    "minutes": 5

interval field is passed to interval.