node package manager


Tools for creating a node site

And always remember: Steve is JSON's Best Friend (TM).


Create a new app with basic html5 + nodejs boilerplate

steve-init my-new-app
cd my-new-app
git init


Creates a new javascript file with jshint comments and (function () {...}()) already added

mkjs my-module.js


Watches files with the extensions .js, .less, or .jade for modifications and runs 1000ms after the last file is modified (so that it doesn't go crazy on a "Save All and Quit")

steve-watch -x js -x less -x jade -s --timeout 1000


Add jshint comments to an existing js file

addjshint my-module.js


Copyright AJ ONeal 2011-2012

This project is available under the MIT and Apache v2 licenses.

"JSON's Best Friend" (TM) is a tradmark owned by AJ ONeal in relation to Steve, the web-application framework and toolchain.