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    Stencila is a platform for creating, collaborating on, and sharing data driven content. Content that is transparent and reproducible, like RMarkdown and Jupyter Notebooks. Content that can be versioned and composed just like we do with open source software using tools like CRAN and NPM. And above all, content that is accessible to non-coders, like Google Docs and Microsoft Office.


    Stencila is still at an early beta stage: there are likely to be missing features, bugs and API changes. But we would ❤️ to get your suggestions and 🐛 reports. Get help from the community, create a new issue, or join the chat.

    • prod = ready for production use
    • beta = ready for beta user testing
    • alpha = ready for alpha testing; use with caution
    • numbers (e.g. 0.31) = planned release

    We generally only plan one or two releases ahead. We aim to release every 1-2 months, towards a 1.0 release in early 2018. Checkout the current release milestones.

    Feature Ready
    Documents beta
    Datatables 0.28
    Sheets 0.29
    Static content
    Paragraph prod
    Headings prod
    Blockquote prod
    Image 0.30
    List beta
    Table 0.30
    Strong & emphasis prod
    Link prod
    Subscript & superscript prod
    Code block 0.30
    Math (AsciiMath and Tex) beta
    Discussions 0.31
    Reproducible content
    Number input (range slider) beta
    Select input (name value pairs) alpha
    Tabular data input 0.30
    Code cell beta
    Output (value display) beta
    Embedded functions
    Statistics (sum, mean, variance, ...)
    Data manipulation (filter, sort, aggregate, ...) alpha
    Data visualization (plot, title, theme, ...) alpha
    Contribute more... alpha
    Execution contexts
    JavaScript beta
    Jupyter kernels 0.29
    Node.js beta
    Python beta
    R beta
    SQLite beta
    Supported formats
    HTML beta
    JATS 0.30
    Markdown .md beta
    RMarkdown .Rmd alpha
    Jupyter Notebook .ipynb alpha
    Microsoft Office .docx
    Open/Libre Office .odt


    See the Getting Started page on the wiki.

    Application or package Ready
    Stencila Desktop
    Stencila for Python
    Stencila for R
    Stencila for Node.js


    NPM Build status Code coverage Dependency status

    Quick start:

    git clone
    cd stencila
    npm install
    npm run start

    Now you can access the examples in the browser at http://localhost:4000/.

    Use external contexts during development:

    Run the docker image first.

    docker run -p 2100:2000 stencila/alpha

    Now start the development environment and point STENCILA_PEERS to the new host.

    STENCILA_PEERS=http://localhost:2100 npm start

    Most development tasks can be run via npm or make shortcuts:

    Task npm make
    Install and setup dependencies npm install make setup
    Run the development server npm start make run
    Check code for lint npm run lint make lint
    Run tests npm test make test
    Run tests in the browser npm run test-browser make test-browser
    Run tests with coverage npm run cover make cover
    Build bundles npm build make build
    Build documentation npm run docs make docs
    Run documentation server npm run docs-serve make docs-serve
    Clean make clean

    To contribute, get in touch, checkout the platform-wide, cross-repository kanban board, or just send us a pull request! Please read our contributor code of conduct.

    API documentation is at These are published using Github Pages, so to update them after making changes: run make docs, commit the updates and do a git push.


    npm i stencila

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