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Stencila components for Node.js

stencila/node : Stencila for Node.js

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This is very much a work in progress. See our main repo for more details.


npm install stencila


Documentation is available at


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Want to help out with development? Great, there's a lot to do! To get started, read our contributor code of conduct, then get in touch or checkout the platform-wide, cross-repository kanban board.

Most development tasks can be run directly from npm or via make wrapper recipes.

Task npm et al make
Install and setup dependencies npm install make setup
Check code for lint npm run lint make lint
Run tests npm test make test
Run tests with coverage npm run cover make cover
Build documentation npm run docs make docs
Serve and watch docs for updates npm run docs-serve make docs-serve
Clean make clean

Tests live in the tests folder and are written using the tape test harness.

Docs are published using Github Pages, so to update them after making changes run make docs, commit the updated docs and do a git push.