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2-layer encryption of text, embedded within images (Steganography). Wrapper for the *NIX utility, outguess.


Steganography made simple for Node.JS

Stegger is a steganographic utility for Node.JS, to conceal encrypted text within JPEG images (yes, JPEG!). It wraps around the UNIX utility, outguess.

I couldn't find a working existing module on npm, so I made my own. =

Stegaography is the art of concealing data within ordinary looking objects, such that the original file does not appear to be tampered with. See for more information.



Encrypted message: 'hello world (안녕하세요! 잘지네세요?)'

  1. Install outguess with your relevant package manager. This can be done in Ubuntu via:

    sudo apt-get install outguess

  2. Install from npm:

    npm install stegger

  3. You're all set! Load a picture, and get swagging!

Check out the examples directory. The example provided, tests the encrypt() and decrypt() function sequentially. This is done via asynchronous sequences.

Easy to use - just call either encrypt() or decrypt(). Pass in the relevant argument object. Listen for the promise callback.

None at the moment. Post any via the bug tracker.

How secure is it? Well, pretty secure.

  1. Text is encrypted with AES-256 cipher and salted.
  2. Text is concealed within least-probable detected areas and salted with a second salt.
  3. Image would have to be earmarked as having embedded information (hard), before being cracked.

Joel Haowen TONG (me [at] joeltong [dot] org)