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Steam Community

Easily access information about yourself and your friends on the Steam community website. Given a 64bit Steam ID, this module retrieves a user's XML from the Steam Community site and returns a parsed JSON object. Awesome!

Includes configurable timeouts and retry, provided by the Re package.


  npm install steam-community


Get your 64bit steam ID and plug it in. You'll get back an object with all the infos.

var steam = require('steam-community'),
    client = steam();
client.user("12345678901234567", function(err, user){
        console.log(util.inspect(user, false, 4, true));

There's also a games function. You use it like this:

var steam = require('steam-community'),
    client = steam();"12345678901234567", function(err, games){
        console.log(util.inspect(games, false, 4, true));

Where games is a JSON array of objects that look something like this:

   "appID": "42910",
   "name": "Magicka",
   "logo": "",
   "storeLink": "",
   "hoursOnRecord": "1.1",
   "statsLink": "",
   "globalStatsLink": ""


The default options look like this:

var options = {
    timeout : 10000,
    retries : 10,
    strategy : {
        "type": steam.STRATEGIES.EXPONENTIAL,

everything except timeout is documented in Re, (and get's passed to it).