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Strongly Typed Events - Events

Add events that are modeled after .Net with a sender and argument to your project. If you use typescript, you can leverage the support for generics and get strongly typed code.

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Subscription made easy

An example says more than a 1000 words. Imagine if you have events like this on your class:

let clock = new Clock("Smu", 1000);

//log the name of the clock and the tick argument to the console - this is an event
clock.onClockTick.subscribe((c, n) =>
  console.log(`${} ticked ${n} times.`)

Events made easy

So let's look at the implementation from a TypeScript perspective. (Do you program NodeJs without typescript? Check this)

import { EventDispatcher } from "ste-events";

class Clock {
  private _onClockTick = new EventDispatcher();
  private _ticks: number = 0;

  constructor(public name: string, timeout: number) {
    setInterval(() => {
      this._ticks += 1;
      this._onClockTick.dispatch(this, this._ticks);
    }, timeout);

  public get onClockTick() {
    return this._onClockTick.asEvent();

Check the documentation or the examples for more information.

Need more info? Check the repo.


This project is maintained by Kees C. Bakker.

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