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Standard REPL

An standard REPL for node.js to enable programmers to create interactive user interfaces.


Standard REPL can be installed via npm by entering the following bash command:

npm install stdrepl


Using stdrepl is a piece of cake. Learning by example, an echo prompt:

var stdrepl = require("stdrepl");
stdrepl.eval = stdrepl.print;

The stdrepl.eval function is invoked every time the user enters a line. The stdrepl.print function prints a line to the REPL.

When the user presses TAB the REPL inserts upto 4 spaces by default. This number can be changed by changing stdrepl.tabsize.

By default every line of the REPL has the prefix >>. You may change it by changing the value of stdrepl.prompt.

Special actions can be assigned to control characters using the stdrepl.setControl function. For example:

stdrepl.setControl("C", function () {
    // keyboard interrupt - do something 

Now when the user presses Ctrl + C the above function will be executed.

That's all folks. Happy coding!