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Leverage nodetime to push samples to statsd

Leverage the excellent nodetime library to take samples, and send it off to statsd!

// make sure this is first!
var StatsdTime = require("statsd-time")
var statsdTime = new StatsdTime("myhost:8025")

Nope! Nodetime ties into lots of core node components and makes measurements. It exposes hooks that allow us to get these samples We ship em off to statsd!

This is a really simple way to get data such as HTTP average request time, Mongodb query counts, etc...

You still need to use nodetime for that, but if you are looking to avoid sending data to an external service, use look (

By defauly, statsd-time will do the following for any sample:

Send the operation type as a counter. Send the response time (where applicable)

statsdTime.measure("HTTP", function(sample, statsd) {
// do what you want
// make sure you register BEFORE you call profile!

Initilization Options statsdTime.profile has the following signature:

new StatsdTime(host)
// or
var object = {
  host: "statsdHost", //default: "localhost:8025"
  port: 8025,
  connection: instance, // an open connection to statsD (uses, overrides host
  nodetime_opts: {}, // pased onto nodetime, use stuff like headless: true to turn off external server access
  prefix: "myApp", // default: ""
new StatsdTime(object)
// where object is