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A StatsD backend for Instrumental

StatsD Instrumental backend

NOTE: This repository has moved from collectiveidea to expectedbehavior.

This is a pluggable backend for StatsD, which publishes stats to Instrumental.

$ cd /path/to/statsd
$ npm install statsd-instrumental-backend

See our example config file for a complete StatsD configuration.

Otherwise, add the following basic configuration information to your StatsD config file.

  instrumental: {
    key: "[application api key]", // REQUIRED 
    secure: true,                 // OPTIONAL (boolean), whether or not to use secure protocol to connect to Instrumental, default true 
    verify_cert: true,            // OPTIONAL (boolean), should we attempt to verify the server certificate before allowing communication, default true 
    timeout: 10000                // OPTIONAL (integer), number of milliseconds to wait for establishing a connection to Instrumental before giving up, default 10s 

This is already done if you are using our example configuration.

Otherwise, add statsd-instrumental-backend backend to the list of StatsD backends in the StatsD configuration file:

  backends: ["statsd-instrumental-backend"]

Start/restart the statsd daemon and your StatsD metrics should now be pushed to your Instrumental account.



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  • Send a pull request. Bonus points for topic branches.