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Hosted Graphite statsd plugin

This is a plugin for etsy's statsd that sends your metric data to the Hosted Graphite service.


Place hostedgraphite.js into the backends/ directory of your statsd install.


Enabling the plugin

Add './backends/hostedgraphite' to the backends list.

    backends: ['./backends/hostedgraphite']

Setting the Hosted Graphite key

Set hostedGraphiteAPIKey to your key. This looks like a UUID and is available from your account details page on

    hostedGraphiteAPIKey: 'deadbeef-dead-beef-dead-beefdeadbeef'

Example configuration

      port: 8125
   ,  backends: ['./backends/hostedgraphite']
   ,  hostedGraphiteAPIKey: 'deadbeef-dead-beef-dead-beefdeadbeef'