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Static Studio

Modular CMS based on Express for fast web development.


npm install static-studio


  • Route cache
  • Documentation
  • Check html for multiple adjacent css or js elements and bundle everything in one response
  • Use smartcrop.js in ImageMagick transformer
  • Enable options for OptiPNG optimization level (and for others similar transformers)
  • Sitemap builder using routes
  • Disable minification transformers on development environment
  • Option to remove, add or ignore trailing slashes
  • Option to enable or disable a plugin middleware
  • Assets middleware must read /assets/path.html on /path requests
  • Redirect plugin (301...)
  • Assets helper that sets asset version and .min.ext on production
  • A logo could be based on index code appearance
  • A plugin for handling API calls with JsonStore
  • Set assets plugin transformers and handlebars plugin context in configuration (application.js)


The MIT License (MIT), © 2017 Saulo Toledo