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Experimental in-process key / document store for node.js. Ideal for few records and use cases with low throughput.

Stash was designed with small datasets in mind. It saves documents to individual JSON files in a specified directory. This allows for managing data in a VCS such as Git.


// Create a database at the 'data' directory. var stash = require('stash')('data');

// Save sandwiches, retrieve. stash.set('sandwiches', ['veggie', 'pulled pork', 'blt'], function() { console.log(stash.get('sandwiches')); });

// Save fruits, list all key / value pairs. stash.set('fruits', ['pear', 'apple', 'banana'], function() { console.log(stash.list()); });

// Remove sandwiches. stash.del('sandwiches', function() { console.log(stash.list()); });


  • Automatically reload file when it's changed (multi process...)
  • Enforce consistency - what happens when DB file is backed up during a write?
  • Support versioning