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# StartupSupper

Recipes for Bootstrappers & Hungry Hackers

Curated by Nick, Teng, and Jacob

Contribute Recipes

Easily submit your recipe following these instructions:

  1. Fork this repository and clone it locally.

    Checkout the "source" branch, not "master".

  2. Copy/rename the recipe template folder.

    (e.g. ./contents/recipes/template/./contents/recipes/chicken-noodle-soup/)

  3. Edit the file inside your copied recipe template folder.

    Include a relevant title, list of ingredients, photos (optional), and instructions.

  4. (optional) Copy/rename the author template and update respectively.

    (e.g. ./contents/authors/template.json./contents/authors/your-name.json)

    -author: Your Name
    +author: your-name
  5. (optional) Preview your recipe at http://localhost:8080 (requires node)

    cd ~/
    npm install
    ./node_modules/wintersmith/bin/wintersmith preview
  6. Submit a new pull request, we'll merge it, and your recipe will be automatically published.


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