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    WWW III Martians and Humans

    It is year 2081. Martian base that was founded in 2035 has extended and evolved into whole Mars population with support of terraforming techniques. In 2079 an unknown virus has stroke the population of Mars and resulted in a major economic downturn. People on Mars rioted. Starships from Earth were sent to support and protect local government. When the Earth deputy governor was assasinated, Mars proclaimed indenpendence. That's how the World War III between Earth and Mars has started...

    So you are a captain on one of the ships - either of the Earth Ist Fleet or the Mars Freedom Army. Complete your ship and your crew and go for battle.

    Way of Bushido - Battle system

    Battle system is turn based. Each turn both player select on of three available tactics or chooses to retreat. Tactics influence ship's win chances. Also the player can play one of ship's capabilities (if there are any). Capabilities and tactics are taken into consideration for final strength and casualties calculations. Result of turn is calculated, hit points are decreased and next turn is started. Ship's strength is limited when damages are inflicted.

    The battle ends when one of the players retreats or looses his ship due to casualties.

    Battle tactics

    Following tactics can be selected by player

    Tactics Vulnerable to Superior to
    Long range assault Surprise assault Short range assault
    Short range assault Long range assault Surprise assault
    Surprise assault Short range assault Long range assault
    Retreat All tactics None

    Ship Yard

    In ship yard each player can create and customize starship.

    Hull classes

    Starship creation starts with selection of hull class. Each hull class is described by following properties

    • each hull has a captain's bridge. This is a central element of the ship and cannot be removed
    • capacity that describes the size of the hull and number of free slots to be populated with starship elements
    • base strength which is used when fighting. Base strength can be modified by fight tactics and starship equipment
    • base energy that describes energy capacity of the starship. Each equipment element requires certain amount of energy so there is a limit on which elements may be placed in ship
    Class Capacity Base strength Base energy
    Interceptor 3 10 10
    Fighter 4 20 14
    Corvette 6 36 22
    Destroyer 10 54 38
    Cruiser 15 70 52
    Battleship 20 90 68

    Ship's Hit Point

    Each starship regardless of its hull type has 10 HP. During fight the ship may be damaged. Damaged ship has reduced strength. When there are no more hit points the starship is destroyed.


    Each starship can be customized by placing different type of equipment. Once placed equipment cant be modified. Each equipment consumes one slot, requires certain amount of energy. Following types of equipment are available:

    Icon Type
    Weaponry weaponry - weaponry items increase starship strength
    Power sources power sources increase ship's energy
    Shields shield items increase starship hit points
    Legendary items capabilities are one use per battle items that may affect all elements of the battle. Capabilities are unique elements that improve overall ship win chance. Capabilities may be used once per battle. Capabilities consume capacity and energy

    Equipment has up to 3 improvement levels - basic, advanced, superior. Improvement levels


    Id Name Characteristics Energy consumption Capacity usage
    W_FCT Fusion Chain Turrets +7% Strength when fighting against Short Range Assault 4 1

    Game Engine

    Game Lifecycle

    GameStatus.CREATED --start()--> GameStatus.RUNNING --requestAction()--> GameStatus.PENDING_ACTION --playerAction()--> GameStatus.PLAYER_ACTION --> GameStatus.COMPLETED or --> GameStatus.RUNNING

    GameStatus.CREATED -start()-> GameStatus.RUNNING GameStatus.RUNNING -requestAction()-> GameStatus. GameStatus.PENDING_ACTION -playerAction()-> GameStatus.PLAYER_ACTION GameStatus.PLAYER_ACTION -playerAction() && gameOverCheck-> GameStatus.COMPLETED GameStatus.PLAYER_ACTION -playerAction() && remainigPlayerActionCheck()-> GameStatus.RUNNING GameStatus.PLAYER_ACTION -playerAction()-> GameStatus.RUNNING


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