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build multiple, on-the-fly synchronous job queues

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$ npm install staque

Create a new job queue and load a job.

var queue = staque.create({
  job: function(task, cb) {  // <- required, the job to run 
  delay: 100,      // <- optional, sets a delay between sub-queue job execution 
  concurrency: 0   // <- optional, number of concurrent jobs in each sub-queue 
queue.load('blah', function(err) {
  if(!err) console.log('queued a job');

staque also provides sub-queuing. This is useful if you are doing something like queueing jobs by client. Each sub-queue acts independently. To load a job into a sub-queue, just provide a sub-queue key.

Note: Not providing a sub-queue just puts your job in a queue called _default.

queue.load('foo task', 'client1', function(err) {
  if(!err) console.log('queued a job in a sub-queue');
queue.load('foo task', function(err) {
  if(!err) console.log('queued a job in the _default queue');

Callbacks are also optional...

queue.load('foo task', 'client1');

You can request the status of your queues with the stat() call. The call will return an array of the queues, current jobs, and other data.

queue.stat(function(err,stat) {
  if(!err) console.log(stat);