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experimental auto formatter for the easier cases in standard


Use standard --fix instead of standard-format.

This package is no longer maintained.

standard v8.0.0 contains a new --fix command line flag to automatically fix problems. If you need ES2015+ support, consider using standard --fix instead of standard-format (this package) which may mangle your ES2015+ code.

standard --fix is built into standard v8.0.0 for maximum convenience, it supports ES2015, and it's lightweight (no additional dependencies since it's part of ESLint which powers standard). Lots of problems are already fixable, and more are getting added with each ESLint release.

standard also outputs a message ("Run standard --fix to automatically fix some problems.") when it detects problems that can be fixed automatically so you can save time!


Install with npm

$ npm install -g standard-format

Example Usage

Output all formatted javascript in a directory and subdirectories to stdout

$ standard-format

Format all javascript files, overwriting them into standard format

$ standard-format -w

Format javascript over stdin

$ standard-format < file.js > formatted-file.js

Format and overwrite specific files

$ standard-format -w file1.js file2.js

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