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Stamp Duty Calculator

Rates updated on 1/08/2014.

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JavaScript module for calculating Stamp Duty in Australia. Available for node, broswer and whereever else JavaScript can run on.

Installing via npm

> npm install --save stamp-duty

Example in node

var calculator = require('stamp-duty');
var tax = calculator('nsw', 650000);
// 24740 

Installing via bower

> bower install --save stamp-duty

Example in browser

stampduty('nsw', 650000);
// 24740 

Valid states

['nsw', 'qld', 'vic', 'tas', 'nt', 'sa', 'wa', 'act'];

Assumptions made

For all states:

  • Primary place of residence;
  • No first home buyer's grants;
  • No tax-exemptions of any sort;
  • No off-the-plan concessions;

For Western Australia:

  • For properties under $200,000, concessional rates apply as per S147;


  1. Write tests
  2. Enable editorconfig or local .vimrc support, make sure whitespaces/code conventions are the same
  3. Make sure tests pass