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npx replacement: st-run st-rm-rf dist ++ system:tsc

💨Just like npx but chainable, way faster and always using @latest of any command 💨

🎉 Get rid of node scripts to chain commands 🎉

🚀Get rid of direct & out-dated CLI dependencies 🚀

🧑‍🤝‍🧑 Cross-platform and end-2-end tested ✨


~2x faster than npx when your machine is online:

~5x faster than npx when your machine is offline:

And it always checks for the @latest version when your machine is online.


You can use st-run in npm scripts like this:

    "name": "your-node-module",
    "scripts": {
        "copy-smth": "st-run st-cp package.json package.json2"
    "dependencies": {
        "st-run": "latest"

This way you may get rid of some direct dependencies and make sure the CLI tools being used by end-users are always up to date.

Or install it globally like npx:

npm i -g st-run

And use it globally just like npx:

st-run st-cp package.json package.json2

commandA arg1 ++ commandB arg1 arg2 Chaining Syntax

You can get rid of special node scripts to chain commands by letting st-run chain them for you:

st-run st-cp package.json package.json2 ++ st-cp package.json2 package.json3

As you can see, a simple + chains two or more commands. There is no command count limit.

command@specificVersion Syntax

With st-run you can have multiple cached versions at the same time (just like with maven, gradle etc.):

st-run st-cp@1.0.0 package.json package.json2 ++ st-cp@2.0.0 package.json2 package.json3


system:command Syntax

Oh, you want to run a command that is not an npm script? st-run got you covered:

st-run system:rm -rf dist + system:tsc

This also works for globally installed npm packages that you don't want to update on-the-fly.

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