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    A Widget to display recent rules from SSW Rules

    This is a React component, published as an NPM package to be installed on other sites. It retrieves data from SSW.Rules.Content and displays the most recently updated rules.

    NPM Package


    npm i ssw.rules.widget


    import { Widget } from 'ssw.rules.widget';

    Personal Access Token

    The SSW Rules Widget requires a GitHub personal access token to retrieve the data.

    1. Login at
    2. Click the profile image in the top right corner and select Settings
    3. Select Developer settings | Personal access tokens | Generate new token
    4. Enter your password to confirm access
    5. Set your new token with the following permissions:
    1. Click 'Generate token' and copy your new personal access token
    2. Store your personal access token somewhere secure in your app for use in the SSW Rules Widget.
      See SSW Rules - Do you store your secrets securely?


    import { Widget } from 'ssw.rules.widget';
    function ExamplePage() {
      return (
          /* Simplest implementation */
          <Widget token={tokenVariable} />
          /* Using all the options */
          <Widget token={tokenVariable} isDarkMode={true} numberOfRules={5} author={authorGitHubUsername} location={window.location}/>


    Name Type Default Required Use
    token string null Yes GitHub personal access token used to retrieve data.
    isDarkMode boolean null No Determines whether to show the widget in dark mode. When left blank, displays theme matching browser preferences, or light mode by default.
    numberOfRules int 10 No Number of rules to display in the widget. Must be a positive integer, or default will be used.
    author string null No GitHub username of author to filter by. When set, the widget will show the most recent rules updated by the specified user. When left blank, the widget will show the most recent results for all rules.
    location object (Location) null No When given a windows location the widget will determine if the url is the same as and won't link to itself. As per the SSW Rule


    Required Tools

    Currently built using node v14.15.4 and NPM v7.18.1

    Getting ready for development

    • Clone the repo from
    • Run yarn install to install packages
    • Create a GitHub personal access token as per instructions
    • Create a .env file with the following variable: REACT_APP_GITHUB_PAT: <PERSONAL ACCESS TOKEN>


    1. Branch off main for your PBI
    2. Do your work
    3. Run the site in development mode using yarn start
    4. Commit code and push
    5. Raise a PR
    6. Get it merged!

    Publishing to NPM

    • Update the version number in package.json
    • Run yarn build to build the widget into the dist folder
    • Run npm login and enter the SSW account credentials (found in KeePass) to log in to NPM
    • Run npm publish to publish the build as a new version of the package

    Definition of Done

    • Code Compiles
    • Check the Acceptance Criteria.
    • Code is squash-merged to main via a pull request that was approved by a 2nd developer.

    <As per rule: Done - Do you go beyond 'Done' and follow a 'Definition of Done'?>


    • main is the main branch
    • Always create a new branch for your PBIs
    • Always delete your branch once your PR has been merged


    npm i ssw.rules.widget

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