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SSV Keys

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Important dependencies:

  • GitHub package.json dependency version (prod)
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Library and CLI to work with the ETH keystore file and extract latest validator cluster snapshot to build the payload:

  1. Parse the private key using the keystore password
  2. Use the private key to get shares for operators
  3. Build the payload for the transaction

Option 1: Running an Executable (Recommended route)

If you want to run a compiled version (easier option then CLI)

  1. Go to the releases section:
  2. Select the latest release for the specific version of the CLI: vX.Y.Z-v1 - for the first version of the contract, vX.Y.Z-v2 - for second etc. Example: v0.0.1-v1 or v0.0.1-v2.
  3. Download the native executable for your operating system:
    • ssv-keys-lin - for Ubuntu Linux
    • ssv-keys-mac - for MacOS
    • ssv-keys.exe - for Windows
  4. Open terminal and change the directory to where you downloaded the executable. For instance, on MacOS you can:
    cd ~/Downloads
  5. (Mac and Linux) Make sure that the executable has permissions to run by running:
    chmod 777 ./ssv-keys-mac
  6. Now you can run it:
  7. If your operating system prevents you from running the executable you can open it from the file manager (Finder in case of MacOS), right click on it, and click the Open menu. Once open click the Open or allow button when you are asked to do so. After this go back to the console and try to run it again.

Option 2: Running from the CLI


This installation requires NodeJS on your machine. You can download it here.

Once you have installed NodeJS, follow instructions:

git clone
cd ssv-keys
npm install -g yarn
yarn install
yarn cli --help


Help on available actions:

yarn cli --help

Help on a specific action:

yarn cli <action> --help


To run you will use the "shares" command

Input parameters:

  • keystore (ks) = The validator keystore file path
  • password (ps) = The keystore file encryption password
  • operator-ids (oids) = Comma-separated list of operator IDs. The amount must be 3f+1 compatible.
  • operator-keys (oks) = Comma-separated list of operator keys (same sequence as operator ids). The amount must be 3f+1 compatible.
  • output-folder (of) = Target folder path to output the key shares file
  • owner-address (oa) = The cluster owner address
  • owner-nonce (on) = The nonce of the owner within the SSV contract (increments after each validator registration), obtained using the ssv-scanner tool
yarn cli shares --keystore=keystore.json --password=test --operator-ids=1,2,3,4 --operator-keys=LS..,LS..,LS..,LS.. --output-folder=./ --owner-address=... --owner-nonce=..

Output: Name will start with keyshares-timestamp.json

Option 3: Integration in your projects

Node Project

To run an example of a NodeJS project containing all the code snippets to build the share and transaction payload, simply follow these instructions!

cd examples/example-02
yarn install

To run a JavaScript example:

node example-simple.js

To run a TypeScript example:

yarn start

Browser project (web application)

Go to the example folder and then install all the dependencies:

cd examples/react-app
yarn install

Start the web app:

yarn start

Open the developer console to see how it works in a browser environment.


Run the CLI as a TypeScript executable:

yarn dev:cli ...

Run the CLI as a JavaScript compiled executable:

yarn cli ...


yarn lint


yarn test

In watch mode during development

yarn test --watchAll


Build TypeScript into JavaScript

yarn build

Build for NodeJs using esbuild

yarn esbuild

Build everything

yarn build-all



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