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Simple Static Sites

Contact: ronyeh @

This simple static site generator works with three directories:

  • in/
  • out/
  • shared/

It reads HTML template files from in/. Whenever it sees {{file_name}} it will look for that file in shared/ and insert the contents of the file inline. This way, you can have shared components like a common navigation bar or footer across all of your static pages.

All files are rendered to out/. These files can be deployed on your web server via SFTP.


npm install -g sss


Assuming that the three directories exist (in/, out/, and shared/) you can run ss by simply typing:


Or you can specify your own custom directories:

sss input_dir output_dir shared_dir

More Info

sss operates on three directories: in/, out/, and shared/. It looks at the HTML template files in in/ and searches for tags delimited by double braces, e.g.: {{tag_name}}. This markup is inspired by the Mustache template system.

Here's an example site layout:

        ( files from in/ will be processed and rendered out to this directory )

Here's an example HTML template file (e.g., site/in/index.html):

<!DOCTYPE html>
        <div id="content">
            This is content!

After installing sss, cd into your site/ directory, and type sss.

You can specify custom directories as arguments. For example: sss input_dir/ output_dir/ shared_dir/.

We will read through all files in the input directory. For each file, sss looks for tags of the form {{tag}}. This tag is assumed to be the name of a file located in the shared/ directory. For example: {{nav}} will be replaced with the contents of shared/nav.html.

By default, sss looks for files with an .html extension. But you can specify your own extension, e.g., {{file.js}} or {{file.css}} and we'll look for that file in the shared/ directory.

All files are rendered to the out/ directory. You can upload these files to your favorite hosting platform. Our site, was created with sss and is hosted on Google App Engine.

That's all, folks!


Q: I found a bug!
A: Awesome. Please send me an email or a pull request!

Q: Does sss have feature X?
A: No.

Q: I have an amazing idea. Can we add it to sss?
A: Sorry. Feel free to fork the project and create your own awesome static site generator! Or, check out more full featured site generators, like wintersmith ( javascript ), jekyll ( ruby ), or hyde ( python ).


SSS is MIT Licensed! Enjoy.

Copyright © 2013 squarepoet, inc.