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    SSB Message Schemas

    Functions to create common SSB messages.

    { type: 'post', text: String, channel: String, root: MsgLink, branch: MsgLink|MsgLinks, recps: FeedLinks, mentions: Links }
    { type: 'post-edit', text: String, root: MsgLink, revisionRoot: MsgLink, revisionBranch: MsgLink, mentions: Links }
    { type: 'about', about: Link, name: String, image: BlobLink }
    { type: 'contact', contact: FeedLink, following: Bool, blocking: Bool }
    { type: 'vote', vote: { link: Ref, value: -1|0|1, reason: String } }
    { type: 'pub', pub: { link: FeedRef, host: String, port: Number } }
    var schemas = require('ssb-msg-schemas')
, root (optional), branch (optional), mentions (optional), recps (optional), channel (optional))
    // => { type: 'post', text: text, channel: channel, root: root, branch: branch, mentions: mentions, recps: recps }
    schemas.postEdit(text, root, revisionRoot, revisionBranch, mentions (optional))
    // => { type: 'post-edit', text: text, root: root, revisionRoot: revisionRoot, revisionBranch: revisionBranch, mentions: mentions }, name)
    // => { type: 'about', about: id, name: name }
    schemas.image(id, imgLink)
    // => { type: 'about', about: id, image: imgLink }
    // => { type: 'contact', contact: userId, following: true, blocking: false }
    // => { type: 'contact', contact: userId, following: false }
    // => { type: 'contact', contact: userId, following: false, blocking: true }
    // => { type: 'contact', contact: userId, blocking: false }, vote)
    // => { type: 'vote', vote: { link: id, value: vote } }, vote, reason)
    // => { type: 'vote', vote: { link: id, value: vote, reason: reason } }, host, port)
    // => { type: 'pub', pub: { link: id, host: host, port: port } }


    type: post

    { type: 'post', text: String, channel: String, root: MsgLink, branch: MsgLink|MsgLinks, recps: FeedLinks, mentions: Links }
    • channel is optionally used to filter posts into groups, similar to subreddits or chat channels.
    • root and branch are for replies.
      • root should point to the topmost message in the thread.
      • branch should point to the message or set of messages in the thread which is being replied to.
      • In the first reply of a thread, root === branch, and both should be included.
      • root and branch should only point to type: post messages. If the post is about another message-type, use mentions.
    • mentions is a generic reference to other feeds, entities, or blobs.
      • It is used by user mentions (you typed "@bob", so bob's link goes in mentions).
      • It is used by file-attachments (you attached a file, the reference goes in mentions).
      • It is used by message-mentions (to reference non-post messages).
    • recps is a list of user-links specifying who the message is for.
      • This is typically used for encrypted messages, to specify who the message was encrypted for.

    type: postEdit

    { type: 'post-edit', text: String, root: MsgLink, revisionRoot: MsgLink, revisionBranch: MsgLink, mentions: Links }
    • text is used for posting the revised text that should take the place of some previous text.
    • root should point to the topmost message in the thread (i.e., the original thread root).
    • revisionRoot points the original 'unrevised message', i.e., the root of the revision thread.
    • revisionBranch should point to the previous revision in the revision thread. If this is the first edit to a message, revisionRoot and revisionBranch will be the same.
    • mentions is used as in post, replacing the previous mentions of the message in revisionBranch.

    type: about

    { type: 'about', about: Link, name: String, image: BlobLink }
    • You should only include 1 votable piece of information at a time in an about message.
      • Of the attributes specified here, name and image are votable.
      • Therefore, name and image should not appear in the same message.
      • Reason: vote messages cant differentiate on content within a message. If name and image are grouped together, a vote on the message is a vote on both pieces of information.
    • Typically, type: about is for users, but it can also be used on msgs and blobs.




    npm i ssb-msg-schemas

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