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Configuration module used by scuttlebot.


var config = require('ssb-config')
//if you want to set up a test network, that 
//doesn't collide with main ssb pass the name of that network in. 
var test_config = require('ssb-config/inject')('testnet', {port: 9999})
//you can also pass a second argument, which overrides the default defaults. 


  • host (string) The domain or ip address for sbot. Defaults to your public ip address.
  • port (string|number) The port for sbot. Defaults to 8008.
  • timeout: (number) Number of milliseconds a replication stream can idle before it's automatically disconnected. Defaults to 30000.
  • pub (boolean) Replicate with pub servers. Defaults to true.
  • local (boolean) Replicate with local servers found on the same network via udp. Defaults to true.
  • friends.dunbar (number) Dunbar's number. Number of nodes your instance will replicate. Defaults to 150.
  • friends.hops (number) How many friend of friend hops to replicate. Defaults to 3.
  • gossip.connections (number) How many other nodes to connect with at one time. Defaults to 2.
  • path (string) Path to the application data folder, which contains the private key, message attachment data (blobs) and the leveldb backend. Defaults to $HOME/.ssb.
  • master (array) Pubkeys of users who, if they connect to the Scuttlebot instance, are allowed to command the primary user with full rights. Useful for remotely operating a pub. Defaults to [].
  • logging.level (string) How verbose should the logging be. Possible values are error, warning, notice, and info. Defaults to notice.

There are some configuration options for the sysadmins out there. All configuration is loaded via rc. You can pass any configuration value in as cli arg, env var, or in a file.