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SuperScript parser is the interface for reading *.ss files and creating a internal representation for the SuperScript dialogue engine.

More information can be found at


  • parseDirectory(path, options, callback)

Takes a directory path and parses all the *.ss files in the directory, creating a JSON structure which is passed into callback as callback(err, results). The options parameter is an object that can accept a factSystem for use in trigger and reply expansion, and a cache to skip previously parsed files in a directory.

  • parseFile(path, factSystem, callback)

Like loadDirectory, but parses a single *.ss file.

  • parseContents(path, factSystem, callback)

Like parseFile, but parses a string (i.e. the contents of a single file).

  • normalizeTrigger(trigger, factSystem, callback)

Takes a trigger string (for example, 'I like * and *~1, but not [cats|dogs].') and generates the regex for the trigger, which is passed into callback as callback(err, cleanedTrigger).