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Hogan Template Engine wrapper for SocketStream 0.3

Use pre-compiled Hogan (Mustache-compatible) client-side templates in your app to benefit from increased performance and a smaller client-side library download.


The ss-hogan module is installed by default with new apps created by SocketStream 0.3. If you don't already have it installed, add ss-hogan to your application's package.json file and then add this line to app.js:


Restart the server. From now on all templates will be pre-compiled and accessibale via the ss.tmpl object.

Note: Hogan uses a small client-side VM which renders the pre-compiled templates. This file is included and automatically sent to the client.


E.g. a template placed in


Can be rendered in your browser with

// assumes var ss = require('socketstream') 
var html = ss.tmpl['offers-latest'].render({name: 'Special Offers'})


When experimenting with Hogan, or converting an app from one template type to another, you may find it advantageous to use multiple template engines and confine use of Hogan to a sub-directory of /client/templates.

Directory names can be passed to the second argument as so:

ss.client.templateEngine.use(require('ss-hogan'), '/hogan-templates');