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srisum(1) -- compute and check subresource integrity digests


srisum [OPTION]... [FILE]...


npm install --save [-g] srisum


Print or check Subresource Integrity digests.


srisum's API is based on the SHA[N]SUM(1) family of unix utilities.

With no FILE or when FILE is -, read standard input.

-a, --algorithms [ALGO]... - hash algorithms to generate for the FILEs

-s, --strict - follow a strict interpretation of the SRI spec

-o, --options [OPT]... - append given OPT strings to generated digests

-c, --check - read SRI sums from the FILEs and check them

-d, --digest-only - only output the digest for each FILE, without filenames

--help - display help and exit

--version - output version information and exit

The following options are useful only when verifying integrity:

--ignore-missing - don't fail or report status for missing files

--quiet - don't print OK for each successfully verified file

--status - don't output anything, status code shows success

--strict - exit non-zero for lines that fail strict SRI format

-w, --warn - warn about improperly formatted SRI lines

When checking, the input should be a former output of this program. The default mode is to print line with space-separated SRI digests, one more space, and a name for each FILE.

Strict mode, enabled with --strict, will entirely ignore digests (in input and output) that fail all of the following conditions:

  • algorithms must be one or more of: sha256, sha384, sha512
  • options must be visual characters except for ?.
  • digest strings must be valid RFC4648 Base64 strings.


Computing SRI Digests

For a single file:

$ srisum styles.css > styles.css.sri

For multiple different files:

$ srisum styles.css index.js package.json bundle.js > app.sri

From stdin:

$ cat styles.css | srisum -a sha1
sha1-hmkHOZdrfLUVOqpAgryfC8XNGtE -

Specify algorithms to generate:

$ srisum styles.css index.js --algorithms sha512 sha256 sha1 > styles.css.sri

Add options:

$ srisum styles.css -a sha1 --options releaser=Kat date=2017-01-01
sha1-hmkHOZdrfLUVOqpAgryfC8XNGtE=?releaser=kat?date=2017-01-01 styles.css

Checking Integrity

Passing checksum file as an argument:

$ srisum -c styles.css.sri
styles.css: OK (sha512)

Passing multiple checksum files:

$ srisum -c styles.css.sri js-files.sri
styles.css: OK (sha512)
index.js: OK (sha512)
lib/util.js: OK (sha512)

Checksum file from stdin:

$ cat styles.css.sri | srisum -c
styles.css: OK (sha512)

Checksum stdin itself:

$ echo "hello" | srisum > stdin.sri
$ echo "hello" | srisum -c stdin.sri
-: OK (sha512)


Written by Kat Marchan


Please file any relevant issues on Github.


This work is released by its authors into the public domain under CC0-1.0. See for details.


  • shasum(1)
  • sha1sum(1)