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Support module to easily add support for attachments (BLOBs) on SRI resources implemented with sri4node. Currently supports storing attachments in a local folder, or on Amazon S3.


// First configure the module
var winston = require('winston'); // For logging.
var sri4nodeAttachments = require('sri4node-attachements');
var attachments = sri4nodeAttachments.configure(winston, {
  s3key: process.env.S3_KEY,
  s3secret: process.env.S3_SECRET,
  s3bucket: process.env.S3_BUCKET
// In your sri4node resource configuration
customroutes: [
    attachments.customRouteForDownload('/people'),  // support GETting
    attachments.customRouteForUpload('/people')     // support PUTting

Next you can use PUT on /people/{guid}/filename.jpg to create and update attachments. Any filename can be used. The attachement is associated with /people/{guid} And you can do GET on the same URL to retrieve your attachment.


  • s3key : Use this key to connect to S3.
  • s3secret : Use this secret to connect to S3.
  • s3bucket : Store the attachments in this S3 bucket.
  • s3region : Connect to this S3 region. Default eu-west-1.
  • folder : If you want to store the attachements in a local folder specify an existing folder here.
  • tempFolder : Must be a writable directory. Used for intermediate storage of uploaded attachments.
  • maximumFilesizeInMB : The maximum size for file uploads, in megabytes.

Adding custom middleware

You can add custom middleware (one or an array of them) in the routes that are handling your attachments :

customroutes: [
    attachments.customRouteForUpload('/people', myMiddleware),
    attachments.customRouteForDownload('/people', [ myMiddleware1, myMiddleware2 ])

You can use this to update for example a database table, or a JSONB column on the affected resource, etc..


  • Add a flexible way to support meta information on the attachments.
  • Provide an sri4node afterread function to allow adding $$atachments listing available attachments.
  • Provide an sri4node afterdeletefunction to make it easy to delete attachments when a resource is removed.
  • In the future storage for smaller items in postgres may be added.
  • ...


npm i sri4node-attachments

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