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squelch-client Build Status

An IRC Client for Node.js written in CoffeeScript, used in the Squelch IRC client.


You can find the full documentation here.


npm install squelch-client

Example usage

There will be more extensive examples soon. For now, here is a simple IRC echo bot in CoffeeScript.

Client = require 'squelch-client'
client = new Client
    server: ""
    nick: "TestBot"
    autoConnect: false
    channels: ["#kellyirc"]
.then ({nick}) ->
    client.on 'msg'({from, to, msg}) ->
        if to is "#kellyirc"
            client.msg to"ECHO: #{msg}"


By default, squelch-client does not output anything to the console. If you wish to see debug output, run node with the DEBUG environment variable set to squelch-client:*. To only output errors, use squelch-client:error.

$ DEBUG=squelch-client:* node main.js