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    SquareMe - Universal Resizable Grid

    SquareMe is a universal grid layout built with Stencil. It can be embedded in projects using any framework or even plain HTML. Under the hood SquareMe leverages the SplitMe component.

    See a Live Demo.



    Option 1 (HTML)

    Add the SquareMe script tag to your index.html:

    <script src=""></script>

    Option 2 (React / Angular / Vue)

    Add SquareMe to your project:

    npm install --save square-me

    Import SquareMe in your index.js:

    import { defineCustomElements as defineSquareMe } from 'square-me/dist/loader';

    Basic Usage

    Use the square-me tag anywhere you like. Set the number of rows and columns in the layout through the m and n attributes respectively. Set where the inner elements should be placed through the slot attribute:

    <square-me m="2" n="2">
      <div slot="0 0" class="fill red"></div>
      <div slot="0 1" class="fill green"></div>
      <div slot="1 0" class="fill green"></div>
      <div slot="1 1" class="fill red"></div>
      .fill {
        height: 100%;
        width: 100%;

    Advanced Usage

    SquareMe uses SplitMe under the hood. Any property/attribute passed to SquareMe will be forwarded to the underlying SplitMe components.

    Simply append a -h or -v to the attribute name you would use in SplitMe and the property will be applied to the horizontal or vertical splitters respectively

    <square-me m="2" n="2" sizes-h="0.75, 0.25" sized-v="0.25, 0.75">
      <div slot="0 0" class="fill red"></div>
      <div slot="0 1" class="fill green"></div>
      <div slot="1 0" class="fill green"></div>
      <div slot="1 1" class="fill red"></div>


    Property Attribute Description Type
    fixedH fixed-h Prevent columns from being resized boolean
    fixedV fixed-v Prevent rows from being resized boolean
    m m The number of rows in the grid. number
    maxSizesH max-sizes-h The columns maximum sizes number[] | string
    maxSizesV max-sizes-v The rows maximum sizes number[] | string
    minSizesH min-sizes-h The columns minimum sizes number[] | string
    minSizesV min-sizes-v The rows minimum sizes number[] | string
    n n The number of columns in the grid. number
    sizesH sizes-h The initial column sizes. Acceptable formats are: "0.33, 0.67" or "50%, 25%, 25%" number[] | string
    sizesV sizes-v The initial row sizes. Acceptable formats are: "0.33, 0.67" or "50%, 25%, 25%" number[] | string
    throttleH throttle-h The minimum time (in ms) between column resize events while dragging. number
    throttleV throttle-v The minimum time (in ms) between row resize events while dragging. number


    Event Detail Description
    slotResizedH IResizeEvent Emitted every time dragging causes the columns to resize
    slotResizedV IResizeEvent Emitted every time dragging causes the rows to resize


    npm i square-me

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