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Sqreen Node.js Agent

Sqreen agent monitors functions in the application (I/O, authentication, network, command execution, etc.) and provides dedicated security logic at run-time.

Sqreen protects applications against common security threats.

Here are some security events which can be blocked and reported:

  • Database injection (SQL/NoSQL)
  • Cross-site scripting attack
  • Significant bad bot / scan activity against the application (scans which require attention)
  • Peak of HTTP errors (40x, 50x) related to security activity against the application
  • Target (human) investigation led against your application
  • New vulnerabilities detected in a third-party modules used by the application

Sqreen also monitors authentication activity inside the application to detect and block account takeover attacks.

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You will need first to signup to get a token.

Then, where your package.json file stands, run:

# Node.js 4 and higher 
$ npm install --save sqreen
echo '{ "token": "your token" }' > sqreen.json

At the top of the main module of your app, add:



This agent is compatible with Node.js 4 and higher.

For other compatibility related information, please visit the compatibility page.


Documentation is available on this page.