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SQL Injector is a web-based database console intended for developers.


npm install -g sqlinjector
npm install -g forever


npm update -g sqlinjector


export NODE_ENV=production
export SQLINJECTOR_HOME=/some/good/dir
forever app.js

To do

In Progress

  • Results
    • Click on result selects entire text (or copy gets the whole thing)
    • Sticky header when scrolling results

Minimum Viable Product

  • Parser
    • Comments between statements
    • Functions ($$), strings, etc.
  • Cancel currently running query


  • Parameters
    • Support ? style params
  • Preferences
    • Hide/show system schemas on schema browser
    • Set sample size on table/view information in schema browser
  • Permissions (detect insert/update/delete)
  • Session storage
  • Max field length (preference?)
    • Truncate column width for display, provide full content on copy
  • Design logo (blocky font with syringe?)
  • Sortable results
  • Schema View
    • Default values
    • Table constraints
    • Fancier tooltips on column constraint icons
  • Admin page
    • Console for app db
    • Destroy all active connections
  • Raw output
  • Top nav bar
    • Preferences
  • Client code: events


  • Easily see all databases on a server (like pgadmin)
  • Auto-limit
  • Long running queries
    • Queue
    • Notify when done
  • Plugins
  • Canned Reports
    • Export to csv
    • Export to HTML (like pgadmin)
  • Administration
  • Easy install
  • Progressive loading of rows when > limit
  • Preconfigured database connections
  • Smart syntax errors
  • Query history per user (view, edit, delete)