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Is a node.js module that enables changes made to data an Microsoft SQL Server Database Table to be converted to a stream.

It captures all CRUD operations on a table and utilises the built in Change Data Capture functionality of SQL Server.


npm install sqlcdcstream

If your database server does not currently have sqlcdcstream schema do either of the following

> node node-modules\sqlcdcstream\install-database.js

Or run the script sql\installsqlcdc.sql on the database server

> osql -E -n-1 -i .\sql\installsqlcdc.sql -o install-database.log

This creates a database on the local instance to store the id of the latest record. You will find the output of these commands in install-database.log The script will not delete the database if it already exists.


Enable SQL Server Change Data Capture on the Database

> osql -E 
2> GO
1> EXEC sys.sp_cdc_enable_db
2> GO

Enable Change Data Capture on a Table

> osql -E 
2> GO
1> EXECUTE sys.sp_cdc_enable_table 
    @source_schema = N'SCHEMA NAME E.G. dbo', 
    @source_name = N'TABLE_NAME', 
    @capture_instance = N'SCHEMA_NAME_TABLE_NAME'";
2> GO


Write a program to emit changes

var mystream = require('sqlcdc')
var connection =  "Driver={SQL Server Native Client 11.0};Server=(local);Database=DB_NAME;Trusted_Connection={Yes}"
var schema = "dbo"
var tablename = "NAME_OF_TABLE"
var interval = 1000 //frequency the table is polled
var stm = mystream.changes(connection, schema, tablename, interval);