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    Greenkeeper badge Hey, I'm Sprucebot! This CLI was designed to give you the tools you need to begin building skills to help brick-and-mortar businesses thrive in the Internet age.

    Our goal is to connect people, not replace them. So make sure your skill promotes human-to-human connection.

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    Skills Development

    First there were desktop applications, then mobile apps, now we are entering the Decade of the Skill! 💥💥💥

    They are the next step in App Evolution. They are interface agnostic. They react to real world events.

    Beyond reacting JUST voice commands (Alexa -COMING SOON-, Google Home -COMING SOON-, HomePod -COMING SOON-). I can chat through pretty much any interface (sms, Facebook Messenger -COMING SOON-, etc.), I know when teammates arrive at work, when guests arrive at local businesses, when business owners ask to borrow a ladder from a neighbor -COMING SOON-, when guests message a business, EVEN WHEN SOMEONE BOOKS A HAIRCUT -COMING SOON-!! 💇

    But, to be clear; I take privacy very seriously and as a Skills Developer, I'm not gonna share much with you. Seriously, all you'll get is the guest's first name and a link to their profile photo in a few sizes. Oh, and you can only access data your skill collects. All data shared between skills is done through the emitting of events.

    Anyway, what was I saying before things got all serious?

    It's the ultimate social network, and with your skills giving me the power to facilitate amazing experiences, brick-and-mortar, ma and pa shops will live long into the future. 🌲🤖



    yarn global add sprucebot-cli

    Skill Commands

    This is where the magic happens!

    • sprucebot skill create
      • Downloads the Skills Kit and helps you get your new skill setup
      • All subsequent commands require you to be in the skill's directory
    • sprucebot remote set [prod|alpha|stage|qa|dev|alpha]
      • You probably only have access to prod
      • If you wish test skills at alpha locations, eg Spruce, email
      • If you wish to get early access to features on stage... you guessed it
    • sprucebot skill register
      • Registers your skill with remote
    • sprucebot skill update
      • Updates your skill from package.json#version to sprucebot-skills-kit@version
      • Requires a clean working directory and git repo
      • To see what changed, use git status
      • After resolving any conflicts run yarn install && yarn test
    • sprucebot skill unregister -COMING SOON-
      • Takes your skill entirely off remote
      • It will be uninstalled from all locations that had it
      • All meta data will be deleted
    • sprucebot skill listen [event-name]-COMING SOON-
      • Adds a listener to your skill.
      • Events are lower cased, seperated by dashes "-"
      • Creates ./events/event-name.js
      • Custom events are namespaced, such as vip:will-send
        • Creates ./events/vip/will-send.js
        • Jump in and start editing
    • sprucebot skill ignore [event-name] -COMING SOON-
      • Removes a listener and moves the callback file.
      • ./events/did-enter.js -> ./events/disabled/did-enter.js
    • sprucebot skill [get|post|patch|delete] "[route/path]" -COMING SOON-
      • Stubs a controller & route
    • sprucebot skill page /path -COMING SOON-
      • Creates a react route and corresponding page stubbed with a React component
      • Example: /guest/profiles/:profileId/bookings/:bookingId generates /pages/guest/profiles/bookings.js

    User Commands

    Auth n' such. Requires you to have an account at your chosen remote (probably

    • sprucebot user login
      • Log you in and sets you up to dev at a location of your choosing
    • sprucebot user logout -COMING SOON-*
      • Logs you out

    Simulator Commands

    When your skill needs to respond to different events (enter, leave), you need to simulate them locally.

    • cd my-skill-dir #Run the simulator in your skill
    • sprucebot simulator start

    Once the simulator is running, you can press different keys to simulate events. You'll see when you get there.

    Platform Development

    This section is only relevant if you've been given permission to work directly on my core systems.


    Platform Commands

    • sprucebot platform install [path]
      • path defaults to ./sprucebot
      • -p --platform to select web, api, or defaults all
      • --s --select-version to checkout specific versions once cloned
      • -b --branch the branch to checkout, defaults to dev
      • REQUIRED You need to fork the following projects:
        • com-sprucebot-api
        • com-sprucebot-web
        • sprucebot-dev-services
    • sudo sprucebot platform development
      • Setup dns and hosts configurations for local development.
      • Adds,, and to hosts
    • sprucebot platform start [key]
      • Launches the platform
      • key can be all, web, api, relay
      • Default to all
      • Visit your local Sprucebot to verify platform is running properly
    • sudo sprucebot platform logs [key]
      • key can be all, web, api, relay
      • Default to all
    • sprucebot platform version
      • Launch the interactive version select prompt

    Developer Guidelines




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