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    NPM version Dependencies

    Command line interface for sprity


    npm install sprity-cli -g


    Usage: sprity <command>
      create      create sprites
      watch       watch for image changes and create sprites on change
      install     install image processing engine or style processors

    Create command

    create sprites

    Usage: sprity create <out> <src>... [options]
    out     path of directory to write sprite file to
    src     glob strings to find source images to put into the sprite
       -b, --base64           create css with base64 encoded sprite (css file will be written to <out>)
       -c, --css-path        path or url of sprites on the web server used to reference the sprite in the styles (relative or absolute path or full url)  [../images]
       -d, --dimension        the used dimensions for the sprite. A combination of ratio and dpi. For example -d 2:192 would generate a sprite for device-pixel-ratio:2 and min-resolution: 192dpi. Multiple dimensions are allowed. Defaults to 1:72
       -e, --engine           image processing engine  [lwip]
       -f, --format           output format of the sprite Default: depends on image processor
       -n, --name             name of sprite file without file extension   [sprite]
       -p, --processor        style processing module  [css]
       -t, --template         output template file, overrides processor option
       -s, --style            file to write css to, if omitted no css is written (relative to out path)
       --background           background color of the sprite in hex  [#FFFFFF]
       --cachebuster          appends a "cache buster" to the background image in the form "?<...>"  [false]
       --margin               margin in px between tiles  [4]
       --opacity              background opacity (0 - 100) of the sprite. defaults to 0 when png or 100 when jpg  [0]
       --orientation          orientation of the sprite image (vertical|horizontal|binary-tree)  [vertical]
       --prefix               prefix for the class name used in css (without .)
       --no-sort              disable sorting of layout
       --split                create sprite images for every sub folder  [false]
       --style-indent-char    Character used for indentation of styles (space|tab)  [space]
       --style-indent-size    Number of characters used for indentation of styles  [2]

    Watch command

    watch for image changes and create sprites on change

    Usage: sprity watch <out> <src>... [options]

    Options: see Create command

    Install command

    install image processing engine

    Usage: sprity install <name>
    name     name of the image engine or style processor to install (e.g. canvas, sass)


    See sprity documentation



    npm i sprity-cli

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