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    Spritesheet Creator

    Please note this is an alpha software. Use in production at your own risk!

    The purpose of this package is to give robust, solid and production-ready way to create spritesheets from a bunch of bitmap images. It is written in pure Javascript and has no native dependencies.

    It can be used as a standalone command-line tool (which is useful for development and CI environments) and as a Node.js module (in case your building toolchain includes some JS code).

    This package is intended as a replacement for some commercial packages and is meant to be easy to use, pluggable and open-source.

    What It Does, In Short?

    It takes a bunch of image files, packs them into a single texture (called a spritesheet) and provides the metadata for the game engine of choice.

    Support Input and Output formats

    Basically spritesheet-creator supports every image format supported by jimp library. For the metadata currently the following output formats are supported:

    • Godot 3

    Work in progress:

    • cocos2d-x
    • Unity


    To install as a CLI tool:

    yarn global add spritesheet-creator

    Then you can generate some spritesheets for Godot! Just do:

    spritesheet-creator generate_spritesheet godot3 <target_texture> <target_meta_folder> <paths to source files>... --project-root <godot_project_root>

    Please note, that target paths must be inside <godot_project_root> for the tool to properly generate Godot-specific res:// paths.

    In a few seconds you will (hopefully) get a large texture and a bunch of .tres files. You can use them right out of the box as a replacement for the stand-alone sprites.

    This will dramatically increase the performance of the large scenes due to the batch draw call optimisation and zero texture switching.


    --sort-method [height,width,area,maxside]

    Before packing sprites are sorted by of these algorithms.

    --pack-algorithm [binpacking,growing-binpacking,horizontal,vertical]

    The algorithm to pack sprites. Highly recommended to use the default growing-binpacking one.

    --width <width> --height <height>

    The width and height of the texture for binpacking algorithm.


    npm i spritesheet-creator

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