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Sprite Generator for brunch.

It uses Spritesmith and spritesheet-templates to generate sprites in language agnostic styles.


npm install --save sprite-brunch

If using Less, SASS, etc., sprite-brunch should be ordered before their brunch compilers in package.json so that sprite styles compile before other styles.

To improve speed, consider an engine such as canvassmith or gmsmith. Check out the Spritesmith website for details.


sprites: {
    path: 'app/assets/images/sprites', // Path to your sprites folder 
    destCSS: 'app/css/sprites.css', // Destination sass/less/stylus files 
    destSprites: 'app/assets' // Destination of generated sprite files 
    cssFormat: 'css', // less, sass, scss, stylus 
    algorithm: 'top-down', // algorithm: top-down, left-right, diagonal (\ format), alt-diagonal 
    engine: 'pixelsmith', // pixelsmith, canvassmith, gmsmith 
    imgOpts: {
        format: 'auto', // auto, jpg, png (If auto is used and there is png and jpg in a folder the sprite will be jpg) 
        quality: 90 // Quality of the output image 


It expects the following folder structure and uses the folder name as first value and the filename as the second


For CSS languages/preprocessors, the plugin only generates the variables and the mixins. The mixins have to be called from another stylesheet to be included in your project.

Less Example

.icon-name {

If you want to use git version of plugin, add "sprite-brunch": "git+ssh://".