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Keyboard is a plugin for SpringRoll. It is designed to make working with the keyboard outside of text editing easier. Keyboard has capabilities for detecting key presses and releases, tracking pressed keys, custom key binding, and complex key combinations.


Keyboard can be installed using Bower.

bower install springroll-keyboard


To test the examples, run the grunt task examples. This will download any dependencies and automatically launch the examples in your browser.

grunt examples


Include keyboard.min.js in your libraries js or html, after SpringRoll's core.min.js. After the Application is created, access the Keyboard instance with Application.instance.keyboard.

Key combo syntax:

// Whitespace is required around the '+' and '>' separators. 
// '+' separates simultaneous keys 
"ctrl + s";
// '>' separates sequential keys 
"arrow_up > arrow_down";
// escape '>' and '+' with '\' character, although standard US keyboards don't have those 
// characters without using shift and another key 
"\\+ + \\>";
// sequential steps can have multiple simultaneous keys 
"ctrl + x > ctrl + v";


Copyright (c) 2015 CloudKid

Released under the MIT License.