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Listen to Spotify together, with anyone, anywhere in the world, in real time.


npm install spotluck -g


Start a channel

spotluck start <channel_id> [--anarchy]

  • If no channel_id is specified a random one will be created
  • --anarchy flag is optional (anarchy mode allows anyone to control the player)

Tune in to a Channel

spotluck play channel_id


Spotluck lets you listen to Spotify with other people at the same time. I havn't fully tested it but you should be able to have a bunch of people all synced together. And when I say synched, you are synced to the second of a song.

There are two modes - normal and anarchy. Let me point form it.


spotluck start <channel_id>

In normal mode, the person who starts the channel controls everything.

  • If they pause their Spotify, everyone who is listening also pauses.
  • If they skips forward/backward in a song, everyone listening also does
  • If they change songs, everyone else will change.
  • If someone listening tries to do one of the above you will be unable to and you will be synched back up with the channel creator


spotluck start <channel_id> --anarchy

In anarchy mode, the channel creator and anyone who is listening can control everything, like:

  • If anyone changes a song, everyone else will start playing that song
  • If someone skips in a song, everyone else will.
  • However, if someone (even channel creator) pauses, only they will. And when they play next they will be syched up.