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Never gonna give up, never gonna let you down

A simple package to download music tracks from spotify 🎵



> npm i spotifydl-cores


> npm i github:rizzlogy/spotifydl-cores


You need to intialize the Spotify Class before acessing the methods inside it.

const Spotify = require('spotifydl-cores').default
//import Spotify from 'spotifydl-cores'

const credentials = {
    clientId: 'your-client-id',
    clientSecret: 'your-client-secret'
const spotify = new Spotify(credentials)


NOTE: Only some methods are shown here. Checkout the docs for a more in-depth documentation

Get Track ⏭️

await spotify.getTrack(track_url) 

// For Example: track_url = ''

// Input: url of the track, Type: string

Download Track/Song ⬇️

await spotify.downloadTrack(track_url, file_name)

// For Example: track_url = '' & file_name = 'song.mp3'

// Input: url of the track and name of the filename, Both Type: string

// It'll return buffer (promise) if you don't provide any filename

Get Artist 👩‍🎤🧑‍🎤

await spotify.getArtist(artist_url)

// For Example: artist_url = ''

// Input: url of the artist, Type: string

Get Album 💽

await spotify.getAlbum(album_url)

// For Example: album_url = ''

// Input: url of the album, Type: string

Get Playlist 🎧

await spotify.getPlylist(playlist_url)

// Input: url of the playlist, Type: string

Download an Entire playlist

await spotify.downloadPlaylist(playlist_url)

//It'll return an array containing the Buffer of the songs in the playlist

Usage Example

const fs = require('fs-extra') 
// Initialization and Authentication 
const Spotify = require('spotifydl-cores').default // Import the library 
const spotify = new Spotify({ // Authentication
    clientId: 'acc6302297e040aeb6e4ac1fbdfd62c3', // <-- add your own clientId 
    clientSecret: '0e8439a1280a43aba9a5bc0a16f3f009', // <-- add your own clientSecret 
/* To learn more about clientId and Secret  , 

// Declaring the respective url in 'links' object 
const links = {
    artist: '', // Url of the artist you want to gather info about
    album: '', // Url of the album you want to gather info about
    song: '' // Url of the song you want to gather info about or download

// Engine 
(async () => {
    const data = await spotify.getTrack( // Waiting for the data 🥱
    console.log('Downloading: ',, 'by:', data.artists.join(' ')) // Keep an eye on the progress
    const song = await spotify.downloadTrack( // Downloading goes brr brr 
    fs.writeFileSync('song.mp3', song) // Let's write the buffer to the woofer (i mean file, hehehe) 

//spotify.verifyCredentials().then(() => Promise.all([spotify.getTrack(, spotify.getAlbum(links.album), spotify.getArtistAlbums(links.artist)]).then(console.log))

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