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Node.js - Spotify Playlist Data

Get all data from both public or private Spotify Playlists without authentication. Based on node-spotify-data.
Due the widged limitation of Spotify, it is only able to load the first 200 songs.


This project depends on restler to make HTTP(S) requests, spotify-uri for converting Spotify URI's and cheerio.


npm install spotify-playlist --save


var spotifyPlaylist = require('spotify-playlist');
var callback = function(err, result) {
spotifyPlaylist.playlistUri('spotify:user:spotify:playlist:6RU5ydGPBQ8fJKWAqMj8Hg', callback); //Normal spotify URI. 
spotifyPlayList.playlist('syknyk', '0Idyatn0m08Y48tiOovNd9', console.log); //Using username and playlist ID as parameters.