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Spot - extensible facet browser

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How to run it

As a fully stand-alone website, using crossfilter:

  1. download/install node.js
  2. install dependencies: npm install
  3. run it: npm start
  4. open http://localhost:9966 in a browser


Spot can also work with a postgresql database, but this requires a local service to run:

  1. download and install normally, steps 1 to 4 above
  2. manually enter the PostgreSQL username and password and database table name in spot-server.js. These are the variables conString and DatabaseTable.
  3. run the server: npm run server

You can get a bit more performance using the native PostgreSQL bindings (turned off by default to make travisCI easier). Just install the pg-native package npm install pg-native.


Jisk Attema, the Netherlands eScience Center

Ampersand by folks at &yet Get the book: