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    SporkFeed CLI

    A command-line RSS/Atom feed reader

    Reference implementation of a SporkFeed reader application. Track feeds and read articles from the comfort of your console.

    See the core implementation at sporkfeed-core.


    npm install -g sporkfeed-cli


    Interactive mode

    Run sporkfeed with no arguments to begin interactive mode. There you can add new feeds and read articles using simple key commands:

    $ sporkfeed
    No feeds added
    ? Enter a feed or website URL: xkcd.com
    ? Multiple feeds detected at xkcd.com: (Use arrow keys)
    > "Atom 1.0": http://xkcd.com/atom.xml
      "RSS 2.0": http://xkcd.com/rss.xml
      Quit (none of the above)
    ✓ Added feed "xkcd.com": http://xkcd.com/atom.xml
    Ready to read 4 articles from 1 feed
      posted between 10 days ago and 3 days ago
    ? Command:  (Saqh)
      Start reading (s, space)
      Add a new feed (a)
      Quit (q)

    Batch mode

    A variety of commands are available with arguments to sporkfeed. Some of these have interactive prompts as well.

    Add a feed

    $ sporkfeed add spacex.com
    ? Multiple feeds detected at spacex.com: (Use arrow keys)
    > "SpaceX Updates": http://www.spacex.com/news.xml
      "SpaceX Press Releases": http://www.spacex.com/press.xml
      Quit (none of the above)
    The feed at http://www.spacex.com/news.xml does not have a name.
    ? Choose a name for this feed: SpaceX
    ✓ Added feed "SpaceX": http://spacex.com/news.xml

    Check the status of your feeds

    $ sporkfeed status
    2 feeds:       Unread     Updated        Oldest
    xkcd.com   4 articles  3 days ago   10 days ago
    SpaceX    10 articles  3 days ago  3 months ago

    Rename a feed

    $ sporkfeed rename xkcd.com XKCD
    ✓ Renamed feed xkcd.com to XKCD

    Refresh all feeds

    $ sporkfeed refresh
    2 feeds:        New  Unread Total
    XKCD      1 article    5 articles
    SpaceX          ---   10 articles

    Put the reader state in a shared location

    This is useful if you want to use sporkfeed from multiple computers, and want the reader state to be shared. You can save the state file in some shared location (e.g. Dropbox):

    $ sporkfeed statefile D:\Dropbox\sporkfeed-state.json
    Moved the reader state to D:\Dropbox\sporkfeed-state.json.


    npm i sporkfeed-cli

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