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Spoor is designed to present a simple, unified interafce for online task management applications in a single command line interface, so you can interact with your team while you work without having to leave your terminal.

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Getting started

Installing spoor is easy, thanks to npm. If you have node v0.8.1 or higher installed, you can simply run the following command, and you will have spoor at your finger tips.

npm install -g spoor


Spoor is split up into separate integrations, each corresponding to a difference service with which you can interact through the CLI. You can find detailed documentation for all the integrations in the annotated source code.

To obtain a list of integrations, you may simply type spoor, which will display the general usage form as well as the list of available integrations; in order to see the commands within an integration, simply specify the integration on the command line, e.g. spoor foo.

Many commands do not require any options, but commands that have options available can be queried by calling the command without any arguments, such as with spoor foo bar.


Please send along any requests for additional integrations or feel free to write your own! If you decide to add any features to spoor, be sure to write some tests. We use groc to generate documentation, so write good comments for the code and the rest will happen automatically! You can run make doc to check the output of your modifications and make test to run the test suite.