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spod (spit out data)

a little cli for spitting out data about a flat directory containing some json and markdown.

npm i spod -g


take a directory of directories

    - data.json
    - data.json
    - image.jpg

and output a json file to the root directory

  - data.json

which looks like this

  "an-entry-name": {
    "path": "an-entry-name",
    "title": "An Entry Name",
    "tags": ["whatever", "yeah"],
    "text": "This was contained in the markdown. Title and tags where in the json. Path was added automatically."
  "another-one": {
    "path": "another-one" ,
    "title": "Another One",
    "date": "4/20/17",
    "text": "You can add arbitrary date to the json."

i’m using this to create a psuedo-api of content which is hosted on github pages. i then made a seperate stateful app which loads the data.json and can pull in any assets based off the directory name.

the idea is to separate the site and the content. with a simple enough taxonomy i can re-use this structure across versions of my personal site. pretty highly specific, but, yeah.


spod add [dirname]

  • add/update entry to the log data

spod remove [dirname]

  • remove from the log data

spod watch

  • watch added entries for changes and write to the log.
  • spins up a local server at port 3000 to access /data.json


  • testing
  • clean up entry methods
  • use args for watch to use server, port, etc…
  • add arg for including markdown text or not in the json