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A documentation generator.


A CMD module documentation generator.

Install spm-doc with npm:

$ npm install spm-doc -g

Build the documentation:

$ spm-doc build [options]

If you have installed spm2:

$ spm doc build [options]

Start a server at

$ spm doc server

Start a server at, watching the source files change:

$ spm doc watch

Publish documentation to

$ spm doc publish [options]

Clean the _site folder:

$ spm doc clean

The default theme path is ~/.spm/themes.

Install a theme:

git clone git:// ~/.spm/themes/cmd

The default theme nico-cmd would be installed when spm-doc is installed.

Follow the instruction in nico-cmd.

  • fixed missing color in cli
  • fixed #5
  • update nico version
  • add callback argument
  • use CMD theme as default theme
  • remove spm-grunt
  • nico 0.4.4
  • nico 0.4.3
  • Fix the sync execute problem.
  • Fix the theme choosing logic.