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What is splitty?

Splitty is a simple static file server with an embedded text editor based on ACE. Splitty aims to speed up the web development allowing the programmer to use de ACE editor on the left side and see the result on the right side of the same browser tab.


  1. Python 2.7+
  2. Node JS 4+
  3. NPM

Installing from Source

Download or clone the code of splitty and then execute the following steps:

    $ git clone
    $ npm install
    $ npm link

Installing from NPM

    $ npm install -g splitty


Serving static files

    $ splitty [port=8000] [key=passphrase_AES_security]
        Put this key in the splitty editor...
        key: 9c4d43c0-c780-cba3-48ec-156e5d5417fd
        To open splitty editor go to

After run splitty your default web browser will be open at splitty editor url After splitty is running, all the files in directory can be accessed in the browser For example, if you have a file index.html at the root you can access http://localhost:8000/index.html

Open Splitty Editor

    $ splitty

Wait until splitty open your browser at splitty editor page