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Splits a convex polygon by a plane into two parts (or optionally clips the polygon against a single plane) using the Sutherland-Hodgman algorithm. Works in arbitrary dimensions, both in the server and the browser


npm install split-polygon


var splitPolygon = require("split-polygon")
var poly = [[1,2], [3,4], [0,0]]
var parts = splitPolygon(poly, [0, 1, 3])


var splitPolygon = require("split-polygon")

splitPolygon(poly, plane)

Splits the convex polygon poly against plane into two parts, one above the plane and the other below it. The equation for the plane is determined by:

function planeDistance(x) {
  return plane[0] * x[0] + plane[1] * x[1] + ... + plane[n-1] * x[n-1] + plane[n]

Points above the plane are those where planeDistance(x) >= 0 and below are those with planeDistance(x) <= 0

  • poly is a convex polygon
  • plane is the plane

Returns An object with two properties:

  • positive is the portion of the polygon above the plane
  • negative is the portion of the polygon below the plane

splitPolygon.positive(poly, plane)

Same result as splitPolygon, except only returns the positive part. This saves a bit of memory if you only need one side.

splitPolygon.negative(poly, plane)

Ditto, except returns only the negative part.


(c) 2013 Mikola Lysenko. MIT License